Today, as the world’s climate change leaders prepare to spend billions more on research into sustainable energy technologies, there is no mechanism that can efficiently get the result of this investment out of the research universities and labs into the market on a global basis. NGIN hopes to solve this problem.


Who We Are

We connect premier cleantech innovation institutions in key markets around the world, creating an interconnected network of organizations that support each other’s cleantech development and success.

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Benefits for My Business or Organization

Entrepreneurs will get greatly increased access to global markets and investors.


NGIN members will get access to commercialization best practices including content developed by the best innovation institutions in the world.


Investors will get access to a global pipeline of vetted quality investment opportunities under one roof.


Corporate partners will get access to a global pipeline of innovation and will be able to harness the networks’ sourcing power to solve their specific R&D challenges.


Universities will be get access to a global pipeline of students, research projects and vetted curricula.


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NGIN and our members are active around the world. Check out what is happening near you.  

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