International Access Program (IAP)

Most early stage innovative companies do not have the required resources and connections to successfully enter a new market. Consequently, they spend months getting access to connections, making appointments, developing effective marketing material, preparing presentations, and following up on the opportunities discovered. One of NGIN’s primary roles is to solve this by reducing the friction in entering new markets for early stage and growth companies through the International Access Program (IAP.)

IAP offers inbound and outbound access programs that provide innovators assistance in entering large, competitive markets as well as in developing and emerging markets. The IAP program can range from one week to four months of intensive assistance. To date, we have helped over 40 companies from Germany, Finland, Israel, Chile, Columbia, Korea and China enter new markets.

Program Overview

The International Access Program has four elements:

Recruiting Event: A recruiting event in different global markets to promote the programs and services offered to international companies.

Market Gateway: A one-or- two-week program held at the La Kretz Innovation Campus (LKIC) in downtown Los Angeles, for a cohort of companies. It includes a series of boot camps and workshops to introduce companies to the Los Angeles and California markets.  Learn More

Readiness Assessment: Helps determine if a company is at the right stage of development to participate in the International Access Program.

Landing Pad: For interested companies who have completed the Market Gateway and been screened, Landing Pad provides up to three months of one-on- one mentoring and coaching from executive level team members; localized marketing materials and presentation coaching; and introductions to local resources, customer prospects and investors.

Benefits for my business

  • Knowledge of local markets;
  • Navigators that can assist entrepreneurs in entering new markets;
  • Connections with local, national and international networks of investment, management and corporate resources.

The International Access Program provides serially developed and delivered incremental program components to guide a company into a new market. LACI will customize the experience matching the resources and capabilities of LACI with the needs of the company.

Post Program

Companies successfully completing the IAP may be offered an accelerated path to acceptance as a Portfolio Company. Companies can serially participate in each phase, or they can directly join specific phases of the program.

Acceptance as an LACI Portfolio Company:

Being accepted as a LACI Portfolio Company is meant for companies who have decided to enter the new market and are interested in continual assistance from LACI.


The International Access Program is a cost-effective way for companies to determine if they are ready to enter a new market. It also supports LACI and NGIN members with a pipeline of portfolio companies. Companies who participate in these programs will have the experience to know if they would like to apply to be an LACI portfolio company, and also give LACI the time to vet the international company in person.

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