Since 2011, we have led the effort to connect global leaders of clean technology to scale innovation and grow clean technology businesses around the world.


Our Mission

The Network for Global Innovation (NGIN) seeks to be this global mechanism by creating a commercialization ecosystem comprised of the following:

  • World class incubators in 20 countries.
  • Best practices and software necessary to scale this ecosystem.
  • A series of tightly integrated early stage investment funds to bridge the valley of death.
  • Global corporate partners to provide commercial pilot projects.
  • Scientific leaders from each participating country to provide strategic direction.


Many of the markets that need cleantech innovation and commercialization do not have well developed ecosystems to support development in their home market. Many factors contribute to this, ranging from cultural (few countries have a history of entrepreneurism, for example) to the lack of knowledge (using best practices) to the embryonic nature of the cleantech market itself (thus not generating the resources to development and sustain an ecosystem). To address this gap, NGIN is working with organizations, cities and countries to strengthen their cleantech commercialization ecosystem.

Working with organizations like the World Bank, the U.S. State Department, Washington State, Mexico City and the government of Ethiopia, NGIN is implementing its Cleantech Ecosystem Model as a blueprint for commercialization acceleration. The Model is a comprehensive solution to cleantech innovation and commercialization that has six interconnected components phased in over time.